How can I access my NFT?

You will need a digital wallet in order to receive, access and send your NFT. A digital wallet, which can be software-based or a hardware device, allows the user to transact on a blockchain and see any balances associated with that wallet. An NFT is not actually ‘stored’ in a digital wallet. Rather, the wallet holds certain ‘keys’ that allow the wallet owner to interact with a blockchain and with any NFTs it owns.

Can I use any digital wallet to acquire an NFT I purchased?

Some digital wallets have restrictions on the type of digital assets they can hold. You should check to confirm that your digital wallet will permit you to hold NFTs prior to bidding to purchase an NFT.

What can I do with the digital artwork associated with the NFT I bought?

You can use and display the digital work for your own personal, non-commercial use, or display or use the digital work in connection with selling or transferring the related NFT. It is important to note that you do not receive any intellectual property rights in the digital work.

How can I display my digital work?

There are various third-party providers, unaffiliated with Christie’s, that offer different ways to display a digital work.

Are there other NFTs of my digital work? What does it mean if my digital work is part of an ‘edition’ or ‘series’?

It depends. A digital work might be a part of an edition or series and, as a result, there might be NFTs of similar or identical versions of that digital work. This would be disclosed to you at the time of the sale.

How can I transfer my NFT to someone else?

You can sell or transfer your NFT through your digital wallet provider or a third-party platform that supports the blockchain on which your NFT is stored. Once you take possession of the NFT, Christie’s does not in any way facilitate any future transfers of your NFT unless you sell it through Christie’s.

Can a digital artwork associated with an NFT be downloaded or copied by anyone other than me? What does that mean for my ownership?

Generally, anyone can download and share a copy of a digital work with which an NFT is associated. But NFTs represent ownership of the digital work. Similar to how the existence of copies of a physical work do not affect ownership of the actual physical work, the existence of copies of digital works do not impact ownership of the digital work.