Minting NFT's

Where do we buy NFT‘s?

  • The most NFT‘s that I‘ll call in this group will be on custom sites.

How do we buy NFT‘s?

1. We go on the site, we‘ll take BBall-Pandas as an example!
2. The site will tell you to sign a contract like this! You simply click connect! [It‘s in german for me, don‘t get confused!]
3. You wait until I tell you to buy, once that happens you'll click on ''Mint'' or ''Purchase''
4. You pick how many you'd like to purchase, and click ''Mint X [NFT-Name]''
5. Something like this opens and you simply click on the blue ''Edit'' Button, you pick Average, Save & Confirm in the end. Now you simply wait for the transaction to be confirmed!

When do we buy NFT's?

- We usually buy NFT's once I tell you to buy, or once 60-75% of the stock is Sold!

How do we check how much stock is left?

- Many times it's directly on the site how many already got minted. - If it's not on the website here's how we can check it:
1. Go on the minting site & click on Mint, then this opens again, you click on the address on the right side of yours
2. You paste the address on Etherscan
3. The site should look like this now, there you click on the Blue text below Token Tracker
4. These Transfers show you how many got sold already!
You just divide them from the actual stock number. For example there‘s a drop with 10,000 stock, you see there‘s 1000 transactions, you basically just do 10,000 - 1,000 = 9,000 Those 9,000 is the stock that is left!
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