The Wallet we'll be using.

What wallet will we be using?

- We'll use MetaMask as it's one of the best wallets out there supported by the most sites!

Do I have to be 18 to use MetaMask?

- MetaMask will never ask you for any personal information as most of the wallets are there to keep your privacy & to not be tracked! If you want to buy ETH, you have to be 18 to use a Broker as Binance or Coinbase! [If you're under 18 ask your parents/friends to verify it for you!]

Where can I use MetaMask?

- You can use MetaMask in Chrome as an Extension or at on your iPhone/Android. You can use it on both devices at the same time & you still have the same features on the phone. This makes it easy for you to even go for drops when you're out!

How to set up my wallet?

- I suggest you to take a look at this detailed video about the MetaMask Wallet.